“further” is a collection made with fragments of thoughts and dreams never realized, given a place in constant transformation created and perhaps non-existent.

It is based on my passion for the mountains especially for climbing, an activity that tests ones physical and mental limits.
I started working with the concept of limits,or something that does

not exist, because it is constantly being modified over time, one half of which you can not reach.
I tried materials that could be turned or those which time would change.

I decided to use wood because it is a living material that can have different aspects: from wood to coal, coal to ash. It is a very fragile material therefore limited itself.
To increase the concept of constant transformation I inserted in each piece a magnet, so as to attract iron powder and thanks to the internal movement of the magnet it changes the external shape so

that it is always different.



Materials: Charcoal,silver,magnet,iron.

Photographs: Stefano Borghini

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